Bringing heaven to Wakefield

Rassams Creamery Wakefield

The reason why we and so many others love desserts is because at Rassams we do them differently. Therefore, we wanted to expand not only our name but also our passion for desserts to many others out there. So, we sat down and thought of all the places that we could bring our love for sweets and contribute to the social life of many different places. Wakefield was at the top of our list because of the demand and little supply of something like our brand and desserts within this beautiful city. Not only was it Wakefield in need of something like this but also the surrounding areas such as Walton, Stanley, Lofthouse and many more.

We wanted to accommodate not only for the youth but people of all ages to feel welcome within our stores. We wanted a safe social environment to support the well being and most importantly the taste buds of all people.

The national lockdown has only meant for us that we could spend all our efforts and time into perfecting this store and ensuring that it was right in every aspect. We have fired all cylinders and readied all battle stations to go when designing and renovating this phenomenal space.

Just to name a few aspects which makes it one of a kind; A dedicated mocktail area with over 50 syrups and fresh fruits to make your mocktails fresh every second. A state-of-the-art kitchen with over 30 staff that have been exponentially trained to ensuring your desserts come out in the quickest, best designed and to the Rassams standard of perfection. We also have over 300 seats to accommodate for many customers which only means you will be seated and served within minutes.

This store has had no limit in creative freedom, and you can tell when you enter, the décor of the Wakefield branch has no match, from the vibrant elusive seating to the luxuriousness of the dedicated VIP areas or the bright and unique lighting to the classy and modern illumination has no cap to the creativity that was put into it. All in all, we have done everything we can into ensuring your stay at Rassams Creamery will never be forgotten with an unmatched energy, an electric atmosphere, artisan designed desserts, the best in customer service and most important of all… The best tasting desserts. Only here at, Rassams Creamery.

Come and join us!