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Since the age of 14 he started helping his father in the family business and once finishing college this young energised individual purchased the business from his father after saving every penny he ever earned.

Having his own corner shop he sold variety of products ranging from your average bread and milk to savoury products, however he went on holiday to Yemen (his birth country) to see his family while he was there he saw a milkshake store which caught his eye and inspired him to try this back in the UK, so after coming back he went back to work in his grocery shop to try this idea in his father’s store. So one day he decided to use a blender, some ice cream and other ingredients to produce a milkshake which led to greater things. For one whole month he trialled this idea which profited him a nice little earning. This was the beginning of a great adventure that he was about to embark upon.

Later, he leased a retail unit with tools and machinery to begin his journey in the dessert industry.

This was the beginning of the creation of his empire. In June 2012, with the help of his friends (Irfan Mohammed and Alawi Alyazidi), he opened his very first dessert bar in Sheffield in Darnall which attracted a large variety of customers eager to try these new creations that Rassam was offering. Many changes were done in the time he was open, all the way to this present day ranging from different designs to different creations. He was seen to be somewhat of a perfectionist and it wouldn’t stop there.

Profiting from his success, he went onto further things, opening new businesses in different fields. His greatest achievement came from opening his second branch on London Road in January 2015.

This was a whole new chapter in his career. A move to a new location which was more upmarket meant a different variety of clientele. Indoor seating and indoor eating meant greater changes and improvements. Perfection was now a key aspect of trade which meant improvements of recipes and designs were essential which attracted even more customers

Due to high demand a second bigger location was needed. The attraction of customers was unreal. This led to the young entrepreneur opting for an even bigger location. A plan for an improved Rassam’s Creamery. His dream of opening the UKs largest dessert bar was now a reality.

He saw a gym across the road from his business was recently shut down and he never held back in taking this spot, even though it was a big risk considering the size of the place however he still went for it, after 8 months in 2017 the UK’s biggest dessert parlour was then opened by Rassam Ali. With the drive and passion Rassam has, this is now going to be his biggest achievement to date and it still doesn’t stop there.

With the help and support from his friends and family he will continue to strive forward in the dessert industry and create an empire of his own with various dessert bars all over the country. So it’s safe to say Rassam’s Creamery will be coming to a city near you and the future does look bright for this young entrepreneur who once started off as a local grocer to now being known as a successful businessman with established businesses and many more to come.

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