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Sweet beginnings

to Award Winning

Since the age of 14 Rassam dropped out of college to help his father with his grocery shop, from a young age Rassam Ali became a businessman. Since the age of 14, he started helping his father in the family business and once finishing college this young energised individual purchased the business from his father after saving every penny he ever earned.

Having his own corner shop he sold variety of products ranging from your average bread and milk to savoury products, however he went on holiday to Yemen (his birth country) to see his family while he was there he saw a milkshake store which caught his eye and inspired him to try this back in the UK, so after coming back he went back to work in his grocery shop to try this idea in his father’s store. So one day he decided to use a blender, some ice cream and other ingredients to produce a milkshake which led to greater things. For one whole month, he trialled this idea which profited him a nice little earning. This was the beginning of a great adventure that he was about to embark upon.

and so the story continues…
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Award winning


Here at Rassam’s Creamery in Sheffield we have an extensive menu, catering for all tastes and preferences. If you’re in the mood for desserts, we can provide you with good stuff every time to keep your belly and your taste buds satisfied. At Rassam’s Creamery we promise to use the best produce available in order to serve the highest quality food. All our food is freshly prepared, cooked and served by our highly trained staff to ensure your experience remains memorable.



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