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We like to give back to the community with our desserts and we love to give back to the less fortunate and malnourished families in second world countries.

We have been involved in a number of extensive charity work around the world, especially within the middle eastern region such as Yemen.

We have raised an astonishing amount of £3,101.69 to set up many different emergency relief centres to provide food for families as well as a number of different schemes that we have set up in store, such as our “day of giving” in which we provided a day in which all our desserts were free and only £5 entry in which the entire amount that we raised that day was donated to charity. We have also set up a “saving Yemen together” scheme in which we sell our bottles of water for 30p to encourage people to buy them as all the money we receive from them we give back to charity, through this process we have raised almost £7000 in charity water bottle sales.

All in all, we would just like to say we love giving back to our communities, our city and most importantly the less fortunate.

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